1 Dec 2014

To celebrate our first year, we invited George Szirtes to join us. Fabulous Creatures, the following series, is a beautiful gift from him for which we are truly thankful. We hope you take as much pleasure from it as we do.


The angel on top of the tall building was preening its feathers. It was a silent night, the streets deserted. Perhaps there was no God.

A group were making their home from work when a dragon appeared in the doorway. That is not a dragon, said one. That is my sister in heaven.

The demons of the mall were washing their hands in the restroom when their hands began to vanish. It was the triumph of good.

The dog with the pigeon face was confused about its identity. The angel consoled it with one of heaven’s proverbs.  Birds can bark, it said.

The insects in the grass were plotting to take over the world when God’s shadow fell upon them and their tongues were confused. 

Ji Cheng was attempting to smoke his pipe when the corporation declared him public property and built an apartment block on his bones.

Several zombies were travelling on the underground. Can you ever find a seat in rush hour, one asked before biting its arm off.


George Szirtes is a poet and translator. He has published several books and won various prizes including the T S Eliot Prize for Reel in 2005. His official website can be found at www.georgeszirtes.co.uk.