Lauren McLeod

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Reality was, then was not.
It’s a dream.
I grasped for him, and he said calmly, “It’s okay, I’m not going to leave you.”
Then it went dark.

Tania El Khoury

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They fell in love on a holiday. One from LA, one from Tehran. At a bar, they planned a meeting in LA. On TV, breaking news, a Muslim ban.

Shey Hargreaves

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"Sod it," Leah said to the careers advisor, "just put me down for a decent wage, a good pension and a lifetime of regret."

Niall Cunniffe

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Bus stop. She on her phone, alone. The other, widowed. “Don’t you ever look away?”
Home. She, holding her hand. The other, holding life.

Rory Gleeson

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On her 34th Valentine's Day alone, Loreta had had enough. She put on a dress, did her hair, visited an animal shelter and killed a puppy.

Roman Licursi

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The soldier stood, and my breath ceased. The other children kept their heads down, hoping for a crumble of bread, but I knew better.

Hannah Ström

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Christmas Eve she walked out into the snow and disappeared. The children were told that she fell in love with Santa Claus and moved north.

Alan Farmer

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Rain burst from the clouds and the mud licked his brand new Nikes. She poured motor oil into his pack of sneaker wipes. Sweet revenge.

Jeanette O'Donnal

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Forever lovely her face remains in my soul. A Buddhist monk said she’ll return. What he did not say broke my heart. She lives next door.

Alex Valente

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Border officer: Anything to declare?
Traveller: Does undying devotion to travel puns count?
Border officer: just crossed a line, kid.

Lauren McLeod

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On a fresh, wet October night, low clouds glow by the moon. Burnt leaves coat my breath. His pawprints linger on the slate floor. Temporary.

Elizabeth Cackett

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The great raven stood, its eyes meeting mine. I held my breath, but the invitation to stay was declined.

Justine Polkinghorne

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Visions of pulverised, green feathers filled Julian's head as he watched the wax-eye dance, and again, heard the grinding of the weed eater.

Denise Monroe

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Growing up in a spiritualist household she was used to strange things but nothing explained the gentleman sitting on her bed when she woke.

Andy McCormick

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There was an oddly bitter bite to that half-eaten Bakewell, so he went in to sweeten his tea. Back outside, the dog buckled and died.

Peter Yeoh

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His nails were hard and tough, bark-like, and cracked easily. He wished he could give his nails, and marriage, a varnish of red, or orange.

John Moriarty

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Leo eyed Kermit in the mirror and chuckled.
He loved saving his best disguises for DiCapri-Con.


Evert Asberg

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The post-apocalyptic silence was broken only by far away groans, penetrating from deep bunkers of ex-dictators watching porn.