Elizabeth Cackett

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The great raven stood, its eyes meeting mine. I held my breath, but the invitation to stay was declined.

Justine Polkinghorne

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Visions of pulverised, green feathers filled Julian's head as he watched the wax-eye dance, and again, heard the grinding of the weed eater.

Denise Monroe

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Growing up in a spiritualist household she was used to strange things but nothing explained the gentleman sitting on her bed when she woke.

Andy McCormick

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There was an oddly bitter bite to that half-eaten Bakewell, so he went in to sweeten his tea. Back outside, the dog buckled and died.

Peter Yeoh

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His nails were hard and tough, bark-like, and cracked easily. He wished he could give his nails, and marriage, a varnish of red, or orange.

John Moriarty

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Leo eyed Kermit in the mirror and chuckled.
He loved saving his best disguises for DiCapri-Con.


Evert Asberg

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The post-apocalyptic silence was broken only by far away groans, penetrating from deep bunkers of ex-dictators watching porn.

Giles Ward

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Her lunch-hour opens with a one-shot latte, M&S Meal Deal and novel packed with passion, romance and adventure. In the end nothing happens.

Anuradha Sinha

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Sweat beads on his forehead. A sigh breaks into my name. A teardrop appears. His face falls on mine. I lick his tear pearl. Love is made.

Jennifer Worrell

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A bird nests in our front door wreath. The children turn the knob to peek. Shattering commotion!

Ali Znaidi

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It’s spring time. The snake sheds its skin under the fig tree. She takes off her nightgown, experimenting with freedom.

Anne Scott

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I was six when Dad won the sack race. 
Didn’t know then he was mine. 

Evert Asberg

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Collapsed facades. Her confession: A past facelift. His: "I'm not rich". The shade is gone, their love blessed, but the ruins are abandoned.

Alan Farmer

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I love them, her expressions on my face, her way of coming back to say, I've not forgotten you pet, I’m having a great old time in heaven.

Lyn McKinney

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The little boat went down in the dark with his son on board. He'd forgotten Sam's skinny dipping habit when he planned the insurance scam.

Marilyn Guggenheim

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Her back arches over cool sheets beneath them, lifting her hips so their bellies kiss and kiss. Love’s breath on her neck, her parted lips.

Daniel Galef

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His name in the book was different, and only she knew. The truth hid her, but she still smiled when asked "where do you get your ideas?"

Michael Kulp

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The midnight forest shadows dance around my fire. As my flask runs dry and sleep whispers, it's easy to see how the ancient gods were born.

Melanie Carvalho

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I cried when I opened the pen. A prize specimen, he won best rabbit three years running as Bangor Jumper, but he'll always be Flopsy to me.